As a Senior Backend Developer with over 10 years of experience, I have demonstrated expertise in building robust and scalable backend systems for a variety of web applications. My expertise lies in developing RESTful APIs, and database design, as well as integrating third-party services and libraries.

Throughout my career, I have gained experience in building high-performance applications with an emphasis on security and maintainability. I have experience with software development methodologies like Agile and have worked extensively in a collaborative team environment.

My technical skill set includes proficiency in PHP frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony, as well as experience with relational databases like MySQL, and Postgres. Additionally, I have experience with Docker and JavaScript libraries like React, and Vue.

As a proactive problem-solver with excellent communication skills, I am committed to delivering high-quality work and ensuring project success. I thrive in dynamic and fast-paced environments and am passionate about staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry trends.









React Native





Tech Lead |

- Present | Barcelona
  • Develop and maintain a scalable MVP solution for restaurants.

Senior Backend Developer | Convelio

- | Paris, France
  • Develop and maintain scalable and secure PHP-based APIs.
  • Collaborate with frontend developers to design and implement our API.
  • Optimize API performance and ensure uptime. 99% SLA guaranteed.
  • Continuously improve the quality and maintainability of the codebase, including following best practices for code quality and testing.
  • Refactor legacy code to increase security and performance. Deleted more than 10k LOC

Senior Programming Analyst | K-LAGAN

- | Barcelona
  • Leverage different project functionalities across shared micro-services based on Docker. with more than 10 services implemented.
  • Use Laravel for API integrations and background tasks, and Python for data processing and RPA tools.
  • Tech lead across remote teams from different world locations, including Asia and Europe.
  • Ensure code quality and functionality integration. by reaching 80% coverage on SonarQube.


- | Barcelona
  • Adapt eCommerce websites creating new front-end versions for specific devices with Onsen UI. More than 10 client websites migrated.
  • Create internal APIs to retrieve data from different data sources on the backend.
  • Maintain and apply SEO to and websites, increasing by 1% of new visits every month

CEO & Co-Founder | SeeDoCare S.L.

- | Barcelona
  • Develop web applications tailored to our client's needs. 3 clients in the first year.
  • Implement custom eCommerce, SaaS, and CMS solutions. 20% cost reduction compared to other B2B platforms.
  • Integrate additional services like SEO, Brand design, and Marketing solutions.
  • In 2017, the lack of big clients plus the job offer we found on the market made us take the decision to close the business and work full-time for other companies, which resulted in fewer work hours and more salary

Software Developer | Emotion Experience

- | Barcelona
  • Develop 1 interactive space where the public can interact with the GFT brand directly.
  • Create 1 specific software for each action, working with LED displays and interactive panels.
  • Develop software for a specific setup for GFT called "GFT Lab".

Web Developer | ( caravelo (

- | Barcelona
  • Develop a product for Volaris Airline company called "Volado Volaris", which offered cheap trips with few hours in advance for planes with empty seats. First released after 1 month.
  • Maintain product websites for Airline companies.
  • Implement a design system to easily integrate new Airline companies into our products. 2 new airlines used it.

Web Developer | SIQUR S.P.A.

- | Italy
  • Develop the Spanish version of the eCommerce website. 1-10 monthly products sold in the first year.
  • Develop a WordPress blog as part of the marketing strategy. 1-2 posts every month by external collaborators.
  • I also managed video editing, blog writing, SEO, analytics, and marketing campaigns.

Web Developer Instructor | Centro Informática Profesional CIPSA

- | Italy
  • Hired as an instructor after finishing the Full Stack Web Design and Programming Master. More than 50 students in 1 year.
  • Guide my students to grow up as developers, starting with a very simple HTML landing page and finishing the course with a big full-stack project.
  • More than 50% of students found a job after finishing the course.

Web Developer | Mediterrani Food

- | Barcelona
  • Develop and maintain 1 WordPress site.
  • Blog writing, video editing, Community management, and SEO. More than 10 new clients thanks to that content.
  • Apply the brand design to the website, reports, and communications.


Master's degree, Web Development Master


CIPSA Barcelona | Barcelona

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Music Theory and Composition


Conservatori Liceu | Barcelona

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Composition


Sibelius-Akatemia - Sibelius-Akademin | Helsinki

Associate's degree, Music Performance, General


Conservatori Liceu | Barcelona


  • All Projects
  • PHP
  • Python