DevOPS & Fullstack Developer - Roger Vilà

👋 Hi, I’m Roger

I have worked for almost 10 years as a software developer. Currently, I work as a Senior Software Analyst at K-LAGAN, where I lead a team of four developers, building strategic solutions that are helping business to achieve new goals from different technical perspectives (DevOps, Web, Big Data and RPA).

I am deeply passionate about finding technical challenges that allows business to discover new value that helps to grow up.

Previously, I worked as a freelancer on different start-ups placed in Barcelona, developing specific projects, mostly web based, for third-party companies like Coca-cola, HP and GFT among others.

Competencies: PHP (I work with Laravel mainly), JS (Vue and React), Python, DevOPS tools (Docker + Swarm, Jenkins) and Databases (SQL, NoSQL and Graph, mainly Neo4J)

Check my GitHub profile to see more repositories or drop me a message.

🙌 Thank you!

📦 Open Source

Array Diff Multidimensional

Compare the difference between
two multidimensional arrays

Laravel Email Failer

Assert what happens on your Laravel Application when an email fails to send

PHP SonarQube Scanner

Run SonarQube Scanner with composer by just running vendor/bin/sonar-scanner

Provably Fair

PHP implementation of Bustabit's
Provably Fair system

Python Simple Rules Engine

Simple rules engine
written in Python

Python DTO

Data Transfer Objects (DTO)
for Python

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